Monday, February 24, 2014

The Gospel Fixes Families!

J Hey Famy!!

How is everyone doing?? I´m doing just dandy here in Moyobamba (aka the best place in the jungle) It´s actually been pretty cold this week. I love the weather here, but the only bad part is we still have to shower with cold water. When I was in Pucallpa it wasn´t a problem because it would feel so good when you would have a full day of work in the hot sun then come home and take your nice cold refreshing shower but now in Moyobamba we procrastinate our showers because it is SO cold. :P It´s also been raining a ton this week. But that´s ok. J I love walking around in my big black rain boots splashing around in the mud. J

My comp and I are doing so great. J She is one of the best comps I´ve had. She´s been a member for about 2 years and her testimony is SO strong. She is always pushing me to do better and not get complacent about my work. We teach really well together and we get along great. We also share a lot of laughs. J She is 29 though, and she is pretty self-conscience about her age, but I tell her all the time that she doesn´t look 29 at all! And everyone here in the mission always asks for your age, so I gave her my permission to tell people that she is 20 years old. J haha It´s really cute when she says that she is 20 she gets this “I´m telling a little white lie” face. She is awesome and I´m super happy that we get to have another transfer together.

Anyways, we had a baptism this week! It was Jimmy´s baptism this week. J I´m not sure if I have talked about jimmy to you guys but he´s really special to me. He´s 9 years old and his parents aren´t members but his older sister is. He´s pretty funny and he picks up on things quickly. His family have some MAJOR problems but my comp and I keep praying and stopping by his house in hopes to teach his parents. But something cool that happened this week is that his mom came to his baptism. His mom always looks so tired and beat. I can just tell she is so tired of her life. I would be too. They fight all the time in their family and sometimes when we go to their house I get this lump in my throat and tears in my eyes because of the stressful, unloving spirit that is in their home. But she was sitting in the front row for jimmy´s baptism and I watching her give little kisses to her other two little boys and touching them in a nice way. Then tears filled my eyes again but for a different type of spirit that I knew she was feeling. You could just tell the spirit working in her. She was more loving and had a smile on her face.

This is my favorite part about missionary work. When I can see physically the spiritual change in people, every time it brings such pure joy into my heart. I have so much love for the people here - they have stolen my heart. I feel so blessed to help families like jimmy. I know that the church is true and I know that this gospel fixes families. I hope everyone is home enjoying life and putting their families and the Lord first. It´s so easy to get caught up in day to day life, but we have to remember the big picture and remember the purpose of life. I love you all so much. I hope you have a good week. 

Love you all!
Hermana Price     

Monday, February 10, 2014

Scorpion Spiders and BIG FAT BATS - OH MY!!

Hey Fam!!!!
How is everyone going!? I’m doing just fine here in paradise. J I still love it here in Moyobamba in the Belen Branch. Things are really starting to progress. This week was a funny week. It started off SUPER slow. Last P day we went to the caves. It was about an hour and a half bus ride to get there. We went to this little village that is out by the mountains. I’m not kidding you; it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. We took this little hike that had this river with crystal clear water, and there was a family there playing around and swimming. (If I wasn’t in the mission I would have totally joined them, the water looked so refreshing and nice) There was also a little family who were walking the trail. The women had her baby strapped to her back with a blanket while her husband was leading their donkey up the trail. It was something out of a national geographic magazine. The mountains here are so tall and SO green. It was incredibly peaceful there. We were a group of about 16 and all of us were completely silent, there was a reverence there. Here in Peru, there are actually a lot of owls and they make this really cool sound that echoed in the canyon that we were in. Then once we go to the top there was this little hole in the ground. Our little guide pointed and said “here is the cave” It was SO much fun. But I have to tell you… If you have a fear of bugs the caves aren't for you. There were TONS of all sorts of bugs. Bugs that I haven´t even seen before. There were these spider things (a spider is the closest thing I can compare it to) but it had this FAT body with loooooooong skinny legs with these long antlers with too fat pinchers. It was like a scorpion and a spider combined. It was really cool. 

Then, mom you’re just going to love this… There are thousands of bats. BIG fat bats that would swoop down and fly right past your face. It was by far the COOLEST P-day ever. J But to make a long story short, we didn’t get back to our house until 7:30 at night and we are supposed to start our work again at 6. So Monday night we didn’t accomplish much then Tuesday rolled around and NO ONE was home. So we really didn’t get anything accomplished Tuesday either. HOWEVER by the end of the week, things started to pick up again. 

We found another family!!! YAY! They accepted to get married and baptized and they came to our activity that we had this week. They are really great. Also we have been working with the Sanchez family this week. We visited them Saturday night and we invited them to church. They told us that they couldn’t because they had to go work on their farm, Maria, the mom, told us she would really like to go but that they hadn’t done much work this week, and they needed to go. I was super bummed this family has had so much progress. They told us they would go to church if it rained in the morning. Well… we just set new goals as a mission this week, one of them being, to ask our heavenly father for miracles in our prayers. So my companion and I got on our knees Saturday night and asked for rain. We asked for a miracle. When we woke up in the morning it was POURING rain. J I know God not only listens to our prayers but He gives us the desires of our hearts. This Sunday the Sanchez Family came to church for the first time. J I love this work. 

I hope you all have a good week. Remember to pray with a purpose and don’t be afraid to ask for a miracle. J
Love, Your Sister Price. J
Hugs and Kisses!    

Monday, February 3, 2014

Passed Out and Old!

Hey fam. J
How is everything going!? These are going just fine here in Moyobamba. J We are still staying super busy and meeting lots of new people but…. Funny little story this week. So I broke out in this really weird rash all over my arms. It iched pretty bad but it´s not like I haven´t had a rash or something weird happen with  my health before in the mission so I didn´t think much about it. However sister Rider told me that I should probably go get it checked out so we talked to my Zone leaders and everything to got permission. So my comp and I went to the doctor and he said that it was an allergic reaction from all the bug bites. Haha! So he gave me some meds. He gave me a cream and then two different types of pills. So the next morning I took the pills like I was suppose to and by the afternoon when we got back to the house I passed out on my bed. The pills totally knocked me out!!!! I slept for two hours!!!! I think the last time I did that was my first week in the field! So this whole week I´ve been so out of it. Haha I feel like an old women. When I sit for awhile and then stand up to leave again my back always cracks. My ankles get swollen on a daily bases. Oh mission work in the jungle. J Just love it! Sorry this letter is so short this week but just know I´m doing great and I´m still loving it here in Moyobamba. It´s one of the best most helpful wards ever. J I hope I´m here for the rest of my mish. I love you all so much and I hope you are all happy and enjoying life. Life is so much fun isn´t it? J
Love, Your Hermana Price J
Hugs and Kisses!