Monday, February 3, 2014

Passed Out and Old!

Hey fam. J
How is everything going!? These are going just fine here in Moyobamba. J We are still staying super busy and meeting lots of new people but…. Funny little story this week. So I broke out in this really weird rash all over my arms. It iched pretty bad but it´s not like I haven´t had a rash or something weird happen with  my health before in the mission so I didn´t think much about it. However sister Rider told me that I should probably go get it checked out so we talked to my Zone leaders and everything to got permission. So my comp and I went to the doctor and he said that it was an allergic reaction from all the bug bites. Haha! So he gave me some meds. He gave me a cream and then two different types of pills. So the next morning I took the pills like I was suppose to and by the afternoon when we got back to the house I passed out on my bed. The pills totally knocked me out!!!! I slept for two hours!!!! I think the last time I did that was my first week in the field! So this whole week I´ve been so out of it. Haha I feel like an old women. When I sit for awhile and then stand up to leave again my back always cracks. My ankles get swollen on a daily bases. Oh mission work in the jungle. J Just love it! Sorry this letter is so short this week but just know I´m doing great and I´m still loving it here in Moyobamba. It´s one of the best most helpful wards ever. J I hope I´m here for the rest of my mish. I love you all so much and I hope you are all happy and enjoying life. Life is so much fun isn´t it? J
Love, Your Hermana Price J
Hugs and Kisses!    

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