Monday, January 27, 2014

Wet clothes means your going to die from a cold?

Hey Family!
How is everyone doing!? I´m doing just fine. J Still LOVING Moyobamba. Seriously though, I think this is the prettiest area I´ve been in. This week we got to know SO many new people. So every week we have to report our numbers, like how many lessons we had throughout the week and all that stuff and every week we set goals of how many lessons we will teach and all that stuff, ANYWAYS, every week we had the goal to get 15 references and 17 new investigators and of the 17 5 should be families. 

Well… this week my companion and I had 21 references and 20 new investigators with 6 families! I don´t think I´ve ever had that much in my whole mission! We are getting to know SO many new people. So… I´m hoping as time goes on we will be able to have some more baptisms, especially familias! :D So the work is growing here in Moyobamba. Also I LOVE all the members here in my ward Belen. They are all SO helpful. We just got a new Branch President, He and his family are the BEST. My companion and I love their family. Their kids are so much fun and there is a strong spirit of love in their little home. They are just so happy and positive all the time. They also go out with us to visit a lot of the families we are teaching right now which is a HUGE help. Their little kids are just the cutest. They have this little boy, Jeremy who is 2 years old and there is this techno song that´s really popular down here, and whenever they put this song on he gets a huge grin on his face then he lifts up his hand and turns around in circles. It is the cutest thing ever. This family has stolen my heart. I really hope I finish my mission here in Moyobamba. The only down part about being here in my district leader… He is 19 going on 12. Haha! He isn´t every nice to us. He is super condescending all the time and it´s been a little difficult to work with him but every time I get frustrated I just remember this fireside we had the MTC in Utah. This fireside was just for the sisters and this lady talked about her mission and the things she learned and she said, “Sisters, if you have a district leader who is 18 going on 10, you can either decide to make fun of them or get frustrated and fight with him, OR you can help him with his calling and teach him how to better his duties” So sister Rider (the other gringa that I live with) are trying to be more positive.

So just a little side story, here in Peru and most of southern America they have this thing called “Carnival” At first I had no clue what it was, but slowly I´ve learned. It´s a celebration that is about a month long, and all the younger kids and teenagers stand in the street and throw water balloons or buckets of water at incident pedestrians. Well yesterday (Sunday) everyone is out in full force. So while we were walking to our Ward Counsel meeting we passed by a group of teenage boys. When they saw me I could tell something was going to go down. When they look at my white skin their faces say it all. I stopped walking and waved my finger and said, no….NO! I started to run and I think I screamed a little bit, and before I knew it…. SPLASH! I was dripping from head to toe. J When I got to ward Counsel all the women flipped out. (Everyone thinks that if you´re clothes are wet you are going to die from a cold) It was a fun experience. J Oh the things that happen in the Jungle. J 

I love my mission.
Have a good week everyone! Love you all.
Love, Hermana price
PS I have 10 months in the mission as of TODAY! WOOT! Love you.       

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