Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey fam!
Just another week in Paradise. J Moyobamba is SO pretty and the weather is a lot cooler here. I´m happy that the weather is cooler, but we still don´t have warm water to shower with so our showers are icy cold, but I kind of like it because it wakes me up in the morning.J So this week we´ve really been working hard to find new people to teach and the Lord has really provided for us. We are working with this one family  - Nelson and Yanela. Nelson is 20 years old and Yanela is 19. They live in this tiny little apartment, I don´t even want to call it an apartment, it´s just a tiny room with four cinder block walls. They have a little 6 month old baby who is so cute and always happy. They are probably the happiest little family I´ve ever worked with in my mission. This week they both accepted marriage and baptism. YAY! But they don´t have any money to get married. It cost 100 soles for the people here to get married which is about 40 bucks in American money. But we´ve already started thinking of ways we can raise the money. I´ve raised money for a marriage before and I´ll do it again. J I want to see them married and baptized so bad! They are so nice and have a ton of potential.
So something interesting that happened this week… I found out that I´m more like dad then I thought before. One day this week we were walked around and we decided to call this less active member to see if we could visit her. The pay phone didn´t work when we tried but then a noticed this nice little old man reading his bible so I asked him what he was reading and we started talking… J He asked me why there are so many different churches so we told him we could answer his questions and we asked if we could talk with him for a couple of minutes. He said yes so we sat ourselves down and started off with a prayer. It started off really spiritual -  we started teaching him about the restoration and the prophets in the bible. Then… someone else decided to join us… This random guy started talking with us. I´m not even sure what religion he was but all he wanted to do was bible bash with us. Usually we try to avoid people like him because we know that contention only drives the spirit away but we were sitting with the other old man and I knew we had to close with a prayer or I couldn´t count it as an appointment for my numbers at the end of the week. Haha So we got into it. I didn´t realize how much passion I have to defend the church. I had to keep telling myself to calm down and not yell at him. He was throwing all sorts of questions at us just to find a fault in our doctrine but from my studies I know exactly where to find every scripture in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon to answer his questions. Well of course it wasn´t his intention to learn from what we had to say so he eventually just left. We closed in prayer with the old man and he actually thanked us for our time to answer his questions. After that I took a step back and just realized what I did. I not only knew exactly where to find scriptures and hold my own in this battle of doctrine but I could also do it all in Spanish. It´s crazy how much I´ve progressed since I started this crazy adventure. J I love my mission. I´m really happy here.
Love, Your Hermana Price J        

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