Monday, January 6, 2014


Well it happened… last week was transfers and guess who had a transfer… ME! I´m no longer in Pucallpa, remember when we skyped and I told you guys about the different places we have in the mission? There´s Iquitos which is probably the most city-ish, then after that is Pucallpa that is city-ish but a little more like the jungle, then there is Tarapoto which is a little more jungle-ish than Pucallpa then there is Moyobamba which is the most jungle-ish in the whole mission, but I told you guys that they don´t send sisters to Moyobamba, I think grandpa must have prayed me here or something because guess who is here in Moyobamba…. Yours truly! It´s SOOOOOOOOO pretty here. One thing that I LOVE is there are mountains here! And the weather is actually really cold. So since I´m use to the heat I´m freezing here!! And I´ve given all my warmer clothes away so I guess I´ll have to buy some jackets. It´s also rained so much since we´ve been here. It's rained every day. It´s very beautiful here in Moyobamba. The mountains are so green and the white clouds hang low. I was actually pretty sad to have my transfer though. We all have different chapters in life and just like chapters in a book they all eventually come to an end. I was sad to see my “Primavera” chapter come to an end. I loved my ward, my district, my companion, and the success we were starting to have. You better believe I cried like a baby when I left. It´s amazing how much the people in your area become your family. I just need to be thankful for the time that I had with them and that I was able to spend Christmas in my favorite area with my favorite people from Pucallpa. However, I´m excited to start fresh in a new area. I´m looking forward to my “Moyobamba” chapter. Like any good chapter in a book I´m sure I will have my ups and my downs, my disappointments and my successes, and my moments of heartache and of joy. I don´t know what the Lord has in store for me here, but I´m excited to learn and to grow.
My new house is the nicest house that I´ve ever lived in and the fun part is that my companion and I live with two other sisters! :D Sister Rider (from Idaho) and Sister Quispe (from Peru) My comp is from Lima and her name is Sister Tenicela. She is 29 years old and has been a member for 2 years now. None of her family are members of the church but she is very spiritual and sweet. She´s a newby and has about 3 weeks in her mission. Anyways I love you guys so much and I hope all is well and that you guys had a good new years! I´m sure I will be sending some pics soon because it´s so beautiful here. J I love you all! Until next week. J
Hermana Price.   

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  1. Dear Aubrey,
    I'm sending this via mobile telefono lol and no contacts in my eyes so you may have to rely on the spirit in order to read this message.
    I just want you to know how much I love reading your letters. I think you are amazing! I wish I had as much faith and spiritual strength as you have when I was your age. I'm stunned at your determination to serve the lord!
    I had a dream the other night. It was one of those dreams where you just cant get to where you need to be, but only I was asked to give a talk in church and I just couldn't get it prepared. I was sitting there in sacrament meeting starring at a blank paper not knowing what I was going to say. Then the dreadful moment arrived when it was my turn to speak. I stood at the podium and my dream ended and I started dreaming of a dream I had when I was about 8 years old. In my dream I was scared and waiting for a bus. there was earthquakes and fires and turbulence all around me. I was desperate to get on that bus. Finally just as the street started to crumble beneath my feet the bus came and I got on and sat in the very back if the bus. The bus zoomed off as my head and body was pushed back firmly to my seat. (you know how dreams seen so real) I was so relived to be on that bus as I looked out the window and I could see the destruction everywhere. All of a sudden I could see the bus heading for a dead end and fear struck as the bus drove right through the barrier and off the cliff. (pretty scary dream for an 8 year old) in my dream I remember holding on tightly as the bus went straight down into the ocean. The bus hit the water and kept speeding downward. I remember looking out the window and seeing scary looking underwater creatures, and remember having the feeling that I had got on the wrong bus. I wasn't headed for the light and towards my heavenly father I was headed for a very dark place. All of a sudden the bus switched direction, and again I was pushed back firmly against my seat. The bus was now heading upward out if the ocean and into the sky. At that moment I woke up and ran into my mom and dads room. I remember crawling in their bed and waking my dad. I told him about my dream and told him how scared I was that I thought I had got in the wrong bus. I remember my dad telling me not to forget that dream, that sometimes dreams can be very important messages. A few years later I received my patriarchal blessing. I received it when I was very young. As I think back to the day of my blessing, I remember the special feeling I had. The part if the blessing that stands out in my mind most vividly is the part of the blessing where the patriarch reminded me and said,"stand in holy places". At that moment in my blessing I remembered my dream and thought to myself. "dont be at the wrong stop or you'll get on the wrong bus!"
    Its funny that I would dream that same dream 40 years later. But I'm glad I did because it reminded me how important our holy places are. I am so grateful for my holy places. My family is definitely one of my holy places.
    I know that your mission is one of your holy places. I'm so happy you are there, and serving the lord and serving the people in Peru. You are also serving your family. When I read your posts your I feel your spirit clear across the world,which helps me in my everyday life. Sometimes our daily duties makes feel as though we are caught in the jungle too. Hearing your testimony is like a light showing me the way out.
    Thank you for your sweet testimony, and for serving the Lord. I haven't really ever expressed to you how much I love you, but I do. What a blessing you are to this family.
    Love You,
    Aunt Liz