Monday, December 30, 2013


Hey fam!
How was everyone´s Christmas!? I hope you all playing in the snow. I miss the snow so much! But to tell you the truth,  I had one of the best Christmases EVER! It´s was SO much fun. First of all, down here in Peru they celebrate Christmas kind of like we celebrate New Years. Everyone stays up until midnight. They love to eat dinner super late! And being missionaries we got invited to TWO dinners… so the first dinner was around 8 then the other dinner was around 9. We kind of lucked out because we spent the entire night with the family that we live with. So we ate our yummy turkey dinner with mashed potatos and veggies. J Then after that we ate our Panéton (which is like fruit cake/sweet bread). Then when the clock struck midnight, all the little kids started lighting off the fireworks. That´s when the real fun started. These little Peru kids don´t have any fear! All the adults just gave them a bunch of fireworks and matches. J It was like celebrating  Christmas (with the sweet bread) Thanksgiving (with the trukey) then the 4th of july (with the fireworks)

I thought my Christmas would be a little sad without my family, and don´t get me wrong I REALLY miss my family, but I am so grateful that I got the chance to spend one Christmas with my family by spirit. I LOVE my area here. There is so much love and we´re having lots of success. This Sunday I was sitting in church just looking around. I started looking at all the families sitting together and tears came to my eyes. I feel such a pure love for these people. They have stolen my heart. 

I hope everyone at home had a good christmas. I just want to testify of the healing powers of service and prayer. Whenever  you´re feeling down and in a fog, or weighed down with the weight of the world, I know that serving others and talking out your problems with our Heavenly Father, is some of the best medicine. 

It was so fun talking with you guys for Christmas. I hold you all so close to my heart. J I love my mission and I'm learning a lot. Thanks for all your love and support and all your letters. J They really help me when I need it the most. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Have a happy New Year's Eve!
Love, Hermana Price

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  1. Hi Janette, I am Hermana Estes' mom (she is the blonde in the light green shirt in the picture above) - Elizabeth Estes. I found the blog through Prepared to Serve and was so excited when I saw Hermana Estes picture too. We have also connected through the missionary mom email list too. Its so fun to read the blogs and get a better feel for the mission. Loved reading all the details your daughter included in her letter. Her enthusiasm and love for the gospel is evident. I am so grateful that my Hermana Estes is surrounded by missionaries like your Hermana Price. Thanks for sharing! - Elizabeth