Monday, December 16, 2013

Hey fam!!!!

Well this week was really good! We baptized Jessica!!! :D Well, okay we didn´t baptize her, Elder Anderson baptized her. Just wanted to make that clear. Lots of people here think that the sister missionaries have the priesthood too… Even some of the members are shocked when they find out that we can´t baptize our investigators. Oh the jungle…. J Sunday was a beautiful day. Just a little back story - Jessica´s husband and all her kids are members. When her family was first investigating the church she wanted nothingto do with it. Tons of missionaries passed by her house for MANY years but she just wasn't quite prepared yet. But then we showed up. She was one of my first lessons in my new area. She accepted baptism in the first lesson and she has attended church and done everything we have asked her to do since then. J She is super prepared for the gospel. It was so nice to watch her and her husband (who is inactive) snuggle up together during sacrament.
The next person we have coming up for baptism is Deibi. He is AWESOME! He is 21 years old and is super funny. He is the most scattered brain person I've ever met. It´s actually pretty hard to teach him. For example, we were teaching him about prophets and the role that they play in God´s plan for us. Right in the middle of what I was saying he said, “What should I do if my best friend invites me to a party?” Then my companion said, “What do you think Deibi?” then he leaned in real close and whispered “la verdad, no mi gusta las fiestas” haha! Or in English, to tell you the truth I don´t like parties. J He also talks SO SO SO SO SO much. He sat by me in sacrament yesterday and he kept leaning over and talking to me about his brother and his house and all about his life. I kept telling him to listen to the talks (Just as if he was a little kid) But then he told me something special. He studied English for a little bit so he knows a few things and he leaned over and whispered in the best English he could use, “ I don´t know why, but here, in this moment I feel happy.” He is also prepared for the Gospel in his life.
Things are going great with my companion and everything. We´re really trying to not only set goals but accomplish them. I love my area and my Ward. These people are so loving and a part from spending Christmas with you guys, there isn't another place I would want to be. Cambios are coming up right after Christmas and I´m hoping that my companion and I stay in our area. I feel like there is so much more work for us to do here. Thank you for all your love and support. Thank you for all the pictures and emails. J You guys give me strength. J
Con mucho amor, Hermana Price. J    

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