Monday, December 2, 2013

HUGE Man Boots and Lots of MUD

Hey Family!!!
How was Thanksgiving? Did you eat a ton of that good-ole American Thanksgiving food? It was pretty funny the day of Thanksgiving. All the missionaries in Pucallpa were in a conference with the President and while we were in our little 15 minute break Elder Brown (from Utah) said: Whoa! You guys it´s Thanksgiving today!!! Haha! We all forgot that it was Thanksgiving! Then all the Americans went around and said their favorite Thanksgiving dish. It was funny, but anyways I´m still LOVING my new area. We keep finding a ton of new people to teach. We´re really going to try to accomplish 8/4/2 this month. There is just so much potential in my area and I know we can do it if we work hard enough. Nothing too exciting happen this week. It rained SUPER hard the other day so we've been wearing our big bulky rain boots because when it rains here there is always a ton of mud because in my area because there aren't any paved roads -  they are all just dirt trails. I´m sure we look real cute with our huge man boots. But I actually like to use the boots. Its fun to walk around in the mud. This rain storm was one of the biggest that we've had so far. Mom, you would have loved it. The thunder was so powerful that you could feel the pounding in your chest. It only takes seconds for the trails to turn into rivers and all the little kids splash around and scream and play in the rain. It´s really fun to watch.
My companion is still getting use to the mission life. She has had a ton of bug bites on her legs this week. She's been bathing herself in bug stray and anti-itch cream this week. I feel bad,  but there isn't much we can do. With time, it gets better and the bugs don´t bother you as  much. I haven´t eaten rice for TWO WEEKS! It´s the best feeling in the world and I've already lost 4 pounds. Woot! Anyway I love you all so much and I just want you all to know how much I love this work. I can´t believe how fast time is going by! It´s almost Christmas! Everyone keeps telling me that it´s hard to be away from your family for the holidays but I have a family here. I have a family with all the missionaries, my companion and all the members in my ward and all my investigators. I´m so glad to pass Christmas here in my new area with Hermana Centeno I love my area so much. I love you all and miss you a ton but I´m healthy and happy and loving my time here in Primavera Pucallpa Peru. Thank you for all your love and support and all your letters of love. Happy Thanksgivnig!!!!! (I know I´m late but it´s better late then never right?)
Hermana Price

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