Monday, December 30, 2013


Feliz Navidad!!!!! J
How is everyone doing this Christmas season? I´m doing great! I´m SOOOOOOO excited for Christmas! I´m in the best area I've had in all my mission. The members are so great here. The bishop´s wife bought my companion and I shoes for Christmas! Really nice ones too! I almost started crying when I opened the box because I really needed some new shoes but couldn't find any that were good and sturdy. I know that that was a little tender mercy from the Lord. J I might not be spending Christmas with my real family but I´m spending Christmas with mi familia peruviana. J There is so much love here. It´s going to be a really fun Christmas and I know it will be one that I never forget.J

I will be skyping this Christmas WOOOOOO! Then after that all the missionaries are putting on a little program for the stake. The zone leaders decided to show a little video of Christ and have some of the stake leaders give talks, and of course the missionaries are going to sing. J And guess who is leading the music… ME! J It´s been so much fun to have to practice with all the missionaries. It´s fun how the missionaries here in Pucallpa have become my family. I love every single missionary here. We have cambios coming up again on the 30th, and I hope things don´t change too much.

Time is flying by. Our work has really picked up this week. Which is always exciting. Last night we went to find this reference that we had from one of our members. His name is Jony and he is 21 years old. We showed up to his house and his sister came to the door and we asked if Jony was at home. Right as we asked, he pulled open the door and said “where have you guys been!?I"ve been waiting for you!” J Right as we sat down he asked when he could be baptized and that he was waiting for us to come to his house to teach him. We invited him to be baptized on Jan. 11thJ He is SUPER excited. We also taught his parents and they didn't accept baptizim but they are thinking hard about it. We hoping that Jony can be an example for them.

OH! One more thing, there is a new store that opened here in Pucallpa. It´s called Totus. It´s just like target or walmart, but bigger! And we´re going to go shopping with this lady in my ward for Christmas. It will be so much fun! Everything there is a little more american… so I´m hoping I can find some clothes that I like, I´ll be sure to take lots of pictures. J Love you all! I´m wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas! :D
Hermana Price. J     

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