Monday, June 30, 2014

Yuca is not Yucka and Chicken Bigger than My Face!

Hey Family!
Well Im going on week three here in Iquitos and my time here is
getting better. Ive been able to get to know my comp a little more as
well as my area. My area is SO small its the smallest area Ive ever
had. My comp and I can walk around the whole area in about 10 minutes.
She has more time in the area than I do and she tries not to get too
frustrated about how small it is but its hard not too lose patience
with finding new people when you feel like you have knocked on every
door. But with all that said, we are doing good. We have found some
awesome families and we are doing our best so that these families can
progress. This week Gaby and her two kids came to church with us.
Saturday night we passed by their house to remind them, but when we
got there we found a HUGE party. Gaby is Mrs. Social butterfly and she
was having a massive BBQ with all her family, friends and neighbors.
They had balloons and a live band playing. Usually the people here
throw big BBQ parties to help pay the bills. They sell food and beer
and people come by the bucket loads to party. So while we were there
we bought a plate of food. 12 soles a plate!!! Super pricey! But
that’s ok it was for a good cause. ;) The plate of food had a piece of
chicken bigger than my face and yuca. Mmmmmm I love yuca. It’s like a
potato but different, and of course the spicy creams… makes my mouth
water just thinkin about it.  But Sunday morning rolled around and
the family was up and doing their daily house chores we asked them if
they still wanted to come to chruch and they said “sure! Why not?”
haha I thought for sure they were going to say no because they were up
until three in the morning partying. Crazy people. But I’m glad they
came.  I hope they liked sacrament meeting and weren’t too tired. But
we will be visiting them tonight.
Then Friday night was super special. So we are teaching this awesome
family and Friday night we had an appointment with them. We’ve been
teaching them in a members house because of some problems with Roy’s
mom not wanting us over. Anyways, we get to the house of this member
and there sitting on the curb waiting for us is Robert, Roy and
Durbi’s little 12-year-old son. When he saw us he got a huge smile and
walked up to us. With his book of Mormon, resturation booklet and a
pen in hand ready to learn. He told us that his dad had to work as
well as his mom and that he was there to represent the two of them. He
is so cute and sweet. So we taught him with the cute little member
family.  It was a good night.
Then Sunday night rolled around… it rained and rained and RAINED some
more. My comp and I didn’t have our boot nor our jackets and we were
too lazy to walk all the back to the house and change our clothes, so
we just keep working like normal and we got SUPER wet . Just a normal
day in the jungle.  Actually I think I’m going to miss the rain here.
It’s really refreshing and sometimes it helps wake me up a little. My
comp and I kept splashing around and screaming while we walked. It was
really fun. 
But anyways I’m doing good here in Iquitos I still miss my Moyo but
that’s ok. Change is a good thing and I’m enjoying my new calling and
my new comp. She is super sassy and fun so I’m grateful I have her as
a comp. I hope everyone at home is happy and livin the way they
should.  I’m so excited to see everyone again and get home but I feel
like the Lord has given me my last hill in the mission. My last chance
to give the mission everything I’ve got and work my hardest, and for
that I am thankful.  Thank you all for your love and support.  and
I’ll hear from ya all next week! Con mucho amor, Hermana Price

Monday, June 23, 2014

Coming Full Circle - back in Iquitos!

Welp. It happened. I got my last change in the mission and I am so sad. L Again I am in the huge, busy, noisy Iquitos city. I feel so weird being here retracing my steps from when I first started the mission. But I´m excited and ready to work. J Not only do I have a new area, a new comp, I am also the new sister leader and I´m responsible for 9 sisters, so it looks like I will be staying plenty busy here in Iquitos, which is a blessing. This week has been like any other “first week” with a change. Everything is new and I´m just trying to get to know everyone, and everything. We actually had an AWESOME week this week. We´ve found some pretty amazing families who are prepared to live the gospel, it really cool to see how the Lord guides you to find his children. J
Benny Boy might be interested to know that my comp is from the Dominic Republic and she is AWESOME! It´s been a little different to get use to the way she talks. They talk pretty differently and have all sorts of slang words that I am not familiar with, but it´s alright. J It will get easier with time.

Last night I had a REALLY bad fever. I woke up in the middle of the night shaking! I probably looked like I was possessed by an evil spirit. Haha It was so bad that I had to wake my comp up and ask for her help. :P She gave me her blanket and went and got my socks for me and got me some pills and water to help break the fever. What a great comp. J However I definitely don´t like getting sick in the mission because I don´t have my dad to come baby me. :P Anyways I´m doing a lot better this morning. J I´ll write more next week once I know a little bit more about my area. Thanks for everything!!! I love you all so much! Send some prayers my way I feel pretty nervous about my new calling I hope I can help this sisters. J

Con mucho amor, Sister Aubrey Fay  Price. J  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

Hey Famy!
How is everyone doing? This week has been crazy!!! Sister Rider is finally on her way home, so this week was filled with helping her get prepared for her trip home. Oh course we had a week long party for her. J We pulled out our mattresses into the front room and slept together for the whole week. But today is transfers and I think we are all hoping for transfers. I think we are all ready for a nice change. Change is so wonderful. So we´ll see what happens. J

Well this week was father´s day! HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DAD!!!! I LOVE you so much. This week our little branch had a little party. They asked a couple of men to bare their testimonies about being a dad. Listening to them got me all choked up. I miss my dad so much. Listening to their testimonies made me remember all the things I miss about my Dad, so here we go dad, Here is all the things I miss about you:
1.       Your strong hugs like you never want to let me go
2.       Driving in the car with you, with the windows down singing oldies songs on the radio
3.       Waking up in the morning hearing you sing at the top of your lungs or listening to that one political guy that makes you all worked up about the government.
4.       Walking into the kitchen and catchin you sneak sweets.
5.       Going to the movies with you. I love that everything we get to our seats you say you have to go to the bathroom, and when you come back you always have your arms full of popcorn and soda.
6.       Having our long daddy-daughter talks about boys, school, music, and BYU football
7.       I miss cuddling up with you on the couch while you are watching your boring western movies.
8.       I miss watching your eyes fill with tears when you bare your testimony.
9.       I miss coming home late and seeing you at the kitchen table with all your books spread out, studying your scriptures just because you want to.
10.   I miss your loving voice calling me Sweetie.

These are just some of the things I miss about you. I can´t wait to get home and hug you again. I don´t want to sound too trunky but I do want you to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me, and that I will ALWAYS be your little girl. J Thank you for teaching me by example how to live the gospel. I am so blessed to have too. J I love you dad.

Love, your little girl, Aubydoll. J

PS I took some really cool pictures this week for you, I know you´re going to like them, but the computer I´m on right now isn´t working. Haha :P Story of my mission life. LOVE YOU!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Trials - the Beauty of Life

Hey fam!

How is everyone doing? I´m doing just fine. J This week has been fun. It´s sister Rider´s last P day. We are all pretty sad. It´s been so much fun with her here in Moyobamba. It´s amazing how close you can get to people in such a short amount of time. She was taught me so much with our time together. It will be really sad to see her go. But I´m excited for her. It´s crazy how fast the mission has gone.

Not to get into trunky talk or anything, sometimes I get a Little frustrated in the mission in thinking that I haven´t progressed as much as I have wanted to. However when I get to thinking about it and I look back I can really see how far I have come. I have learned the benefits of hard work and dedication. I have been given trails here in the mission that have made me hit my knees and pray to my Heavenly Father like I never have before. I feel like I have been through it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. But that is the beauty of life, even when we think we´ve been through it all something new comes up. Some new challenge comes up and we have the opportunity and blessing to fight to overcome those challenges and actually accomplish something! It´s such a blessing to be able to work hard for something and then enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Even though I can see the progress I have gained in the mission I´m perfectly content to continue to progress. I´m thankful our Heavenly Father shows us our weaknesses. As children of God living in a fallen state on earth we don´t live perfectly, BUT we can constantly be repenting perfectly.  That is the gospel of Christ, to have enough faith in the Savoir to constantly be repenting and making ourselves better.
Thank you for all your love and support. I am SO blessed to have you all. Thank you for your examples to me.  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!
Hermana Price   

Monday, June 2, 2014

Skinny Skirts and Fasting

Hey Family!

Welp… yet again nothing too excited happened this week. But, I´m still just as happy as ever. J I can´t even begin to tell you guys how much I love my branch President and his family. They are the greatest! This week Hna. Elizabeth made me a skirt that is SUPER cute. J She told me I look skinny in it. Haha Yay! for compliments! They are such a great family. This week the Branch president sat my comp and I down with the other elders and asked us if there is anything that he can do better to help us as missionaries. He is such a great leader, it´s such a privilege to work with people like him in the work of the Lord.

Speaking of the work of the Lord, we´re still having problems finding people that are prepared to listen and accept the gospel; however, one spiritual experience I had this week was when we taught Hermana Thalia about fasting
Hermana Thalia is an investigator that we´ve had for a while now. She is SO ready to be baptized and she has been to church 3 times now, but her husband has told us over and over that he isn´t ready to be baptized. So we decided to teach her about the law of the fast. It was an awesome lesson and the Spirit was really strong. She told us that she wants to get baptized, but she wants to get baptized with her husband. 

After we taught her about fasting and why it was important for us to fast, and how we should always fast with a purpose we invited her to fast with the purpose of softening her boyfriend’s heart with the desire to get baptized. 

We have another appointment with them on Tuesday so we will see what will happen. Sorry I don´t have much time left to tell you guys more details. But I LOVE this work. My mission is so awesome and I wouldn´t trade these priceless life lessons for anything. Thank you for all your love and support!

Love, Sister Price