Monday, June 23, 2014

Coming Full Circle - back in Iquitos!

Welp. It happened. I got my last change in the mission and I am so sad. L Again I am in the huge, busy, noisy Iquitos city. I feel so weird being here retracing my steps from when I first started the mission. But I´m excited and ready to work. J Not only do I have a new area, a new comp, I am also the new sister leader and I´m responsible for 9 sisters, so it looks like I will be staying plenty busy here in Iquitos, which is a blessing. This week has been like any other “first week” with a change. Everything is new and I´m just trying to get to know everyone, and everything. We actually had an AWESOME week this week. We´ve found some pretty amazing families who are prepared to live the gospel, it really cool to see how the Lord guides you to find his children. J
Benny Boy might be interested to know that my comp is from the Dominic Republic and she is AWESOME! It´s been a little different to get use to the way she talks. They talk pretty differently and have all sorts of slang words that I am not familiar with, but it´s alright. J It will get easier with time.

Last night I had a REALLY bad fever. I woke up in the middle of the night shaking! I probably looked like I was possessed by an evil spirit. Haha It was so bad that I had to wake my comp up and ask for her help. :P She gave me her blanket and went and got my socks for me and got me some pills and water to help break the fever. What a great comp. J However I definitely don´t like getting sick in the mission because I don´t have my dad to come baby me. :P Anyways I´m doing a lot better this morning. J I´ll write more next week once I know a little bit more about my area. Thanks for everything!!! I love you all so much! Send some prayers my way I feel pretty nervous about my new calling I hope I can help this sisters. J

Con mucho amor, Sister Aubrey Fay  Price. J  

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