Monday, June 30, 2014

Yuca is not Yucka and Chicken Bigger than My Face!

Hey Family!
Well Im going on week three here in Iquitos and my time here is
getting better. Ive been able to get to know my comp a little more as
well as my area. My area is SO small its the smallest area Ive ever
had. My comp and I can walk around the whole area in about 10 minutes.
She has more time in the area than I do and she tries not to get too
frustrated about how small it is but its hard not too lose patience
with finding new people when you feel like you have knocked on every
door. But with all that said, we are doing good. We have found some
awesome families and we are doing our best so that these families can
progress. This week Gaby and her two kids came to church with us.
Saturday night we passed by their house to remind them, but when we
got there we found a HUGE party. Gaby is Mrs. Social butterfly and she
was having a massive BBQ with all her family, friends and neighbors.
They had balloons and a live band playing. Usually the people here
throw big BBQ parties to help pay the bills. They sell food and beer
and people come by the bucket loads to party. So while we were there
we bought a plate of food. 12 soles a plate!!! Super pricey! But
that’s ok it was for a good cause. ;) The plate of food had a piece of
chicken bigger than my face and yuca. Mmmmmm I love yuca. It’s like a
potato but different, and of course the spicy creams… makes my mouth
water just thinkin about it.  But Sunday morning rolled around and
the family was up and doing their daily house chores we asked them if
they still wanted to come to chruch and they said “sure! Why not?”
haha I thought for sure they were going to say no because they were up
until three in the morning partying. Crazy people. But I’m glad they
came.  I hope they liked sacrament meeting and weren’t too tired. But
we will be visiting them tonight.
Then Friday night was super special. So we are teaching this awesome
family and Friday night we had an appointment with them. We’ve been
teaching them in a members house because of some problems with Roy’s
mom not wanting us over. Anyways, we get to the house of this member
and there sitting on the curb waiting for us is Robert, Roy and
Durbi’s little 12-year-old son. When he saw us he got a huge smile and
walked up to us. With his book of Mormon, resturation booklet and a
pen in hand ready to learn. He told us that his dad had to work as
well as his mom and that he was there to represent the two of them. He
is so cute and sweet. So we taught him with the cute little member
family.  It was a good night.
Then Sunday night rolled around… it rained and rained and RAINED some
more. My comp and I didn’t have our boot nor our jackets and we were
too lazy to walk all the back to the house and change our clothes, so
we just keep working like normal and we got SUPER wet . Just a normal
day in the jungle.  Actually I think I’m going to miss the rain here.
It’s really refreshing and sometimes it helps wake me up a little. My
comp and I kept splashing around and screaming while we walked. It was
really fun. 
But anyways I’m doing good here in Iquitos I still miss my Moyo but
that’s ok. Change is a good thing and I’m enjoying my new calling and
my new comp. She is super sassy and fun so I’m grateful I have her as
a comp. I hope everyone at home is happy and livin the way they
should.  I’m so excited to see everyone again and get home but I feel
like the Lord has given me my last hill in the mission. My last chance
to give the mission everything I’ve got and work my hardest, and for
that I am thankful.  Thank you all for your love and support.  and
I’ll hear from ya all next week! Con mucho amor, Hermana Price

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