Monday, July 7, 2014

Crazy Girl with Twitchy Eye

Hey peeps!
How is everyone doing! I would put a question mark and a smiley face but this keyboard isn’t working so bear with me. But this week has been CRAZY! Frist off I had my first Zone Conference for the leaders in the mission. Funny story… I didn’t know when the meeting was so Wednesday morning rolls around and about 815 when the elders remember to call me, they told me that the conference was starting and I had about 10 minutes to get there…. Thanks elders! So I scrambled for all my stuff, fixed my hair the best I could and then rushed out the door. I arrived late and walked into the conference room while they were talking about how many baptisms we had in June. When I got to my seat the zone leaders sarcastically said, Please sister Price at least try to be on time next time! Haha

So this week Ive just been busy doing my daily missionary chores. Also I have been visiting the sisters in my zone and the second zone that I am in charge of. In other words… Im super busy!!!! And SUPER stressed!!!! Im so stressed that my right eye keeps twitching haha… I probably look like a crazy girl or a chicken with its head cut off. Haha

Speaking of time… I don’t have a ton of time to write you guys, but just know that Im happy and taking it day by day. Im trying to remember to breath and stay calm and just remember that Prices can do hard things. I will write you guys a better letter next week. There isn’t much time because one of the elders walked by my computer and tripped on the cords and shut off the power of my computer. Haha But I love you guys a ton! Talk to you next week.
Hermana Price    

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