Monday, July 28, 2014

On Cloud Nine!

Hey fam!
Well… guess who is starting her last transfer…. Hermana Price is!!!! Woot! I feel like I´m on cloud nine! Things are going GREAT here in the mission. J This week has been nuts! So whenever one of the sisters get sick I have to go to the doctor’s office with them, so I got a call from the zone leaders saying that Hna. XXX (she is from Texas) is sick. That was Thursday afternoon so I spent all of Thursday, all of FridaySaturday AND Sunday until 8 at night. I feel like all the nurses and doctors that work there are my friends. Haha I even got the doctor to read a couple of verses in the book of Mormon! And I gave the nurse a “Proclamation to the Word” pamphlet because she is having problems with her boyfriend (who is also the father of her child) haha It was actually really fun to be in the clinic all that time with hermana XXX, she is an awesome sister, it was nice to have all that time to talk to her and get to know her more. Then, 2 other sisters showed up while I was there sick with stomach aches, so them Sister Gomez showed up to help us out. So it was pretty much a little party in the doctor’s office all day. J

Another short little story of this week, so we´re teaching this lady and her kids, she kids are members and she wants to get baptized SO bad but the missionaries never could baptize her before because she still lived with her husband. The don´t actually live together. They live in the same house but her beats her and the kids, and they don´t even really talk to each other, but we have to follow the mission rules and we can´t baptize her while she is still living with this guy. So we decided to help her find a house to move into. Tuesday we visited her and told her we would fast with her, and help her look for a house, Saturday in the afternoon we started the fast, and of course ended the fast the next day on Sunday. Of course I was in the clinic but just after I said amen to end my fast, my comp called me and told me that Hna. XXX found a house and they are going to move in Monday morning!!! It was so awesome!!! I love moments like that in the mission! So we stopped by after breakfast today to help them out a little today, and they were all smiles and watery eyes. Hermana XXX  will be getting baptized August 9thJ My comp and I are really happy and our testimonies have grown. I know that God listens to our prayers. Thank you for all of your prayers and support that you show for me. J I can´t wait to see you all again!
Love, Hna. Price 

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