Monday, July 14, 2014

Lovin Life

Hey Guys. J
How are you all doin?? Ben and Krystal congrats with the new offspring! She is super cute. J Bry sent me a pic and maybe it´s because she has a little hat on but, I figured she would have a lot more hair! ;) She is adorable, and I love her name Ellie, it just fits. J Sooooooooooon I will be home and will be able to meet her. Then while we are all at the airport Elise´s water is going to break and we are all going to go to the hospital! How´s that for a family party!? Oh how I miss all of you, I can´t wait to come home and spend time with all of you guys, Benny Boy, Krystal, Tammy, (I want to go visit Uncle John for sure) Joshy, Abi, Jer, Bridger, Code Man, Grampa, Grandma Clark, Auntie and Latu, Sarah and Spencer, Corinne and Clarence, uncle brent aunt Kristene… am I forgetting someone? Oh ya… Y algien muy gapo y alto… haha but yeah, enough with the trunky talk. ;)

Things are going great here in Iquitos. I´m still getting use to all my duties as a Hermana leader but it´s actually really fun to be able to help the sisters in the mission, I have three little gringas in my zone and its nice get give them some words of advice and encouragement. It takes me back to when I started the mission. They are all so worried about the food and the hygiene here in the jungle. They have all these questions about how the numbers work here in the mission and if their hair is going to be healthier here in the jungle. J I love them. 

Well just a quick little story, Sunday I realized how far out in the middle of no where I really am. Yet again there was a group of people from the states doing humanitarian work in my area. Whenever I see a white person in my area I´m probably just as shocked as the natives here, I forget how far away I am from the world. Anyways…. My lovely Zone leaders are telling me to get off now… Dang. Haha well I will talk with you guys next week! LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLL!!!!    

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