Monday, August 4, 2014

Look at my Eyes - Not My Ears!

Wow! I had the CRAZIEST week of my whole mission. I don’t even know where to start. First of all my comp and I didn´t get transferred (we both knew we were going to get transferred) HOWEVER… my comp got called as another sister leader with me! So now all the comps of the sister leaders are now sister leaders as well. It´s awesome!!! I think I was happier than she was when we found out. It´s going to help me out a ton. Because now I have someone to help share the load. 

Also this week we´ve had two sick sisters in the hospital. They both entered the clinic Tuesday the 29th and were finally released to go home Saturday the 2nd in the morning. So when we have sick sisters in the doctor’s office what happens is we have to go and be with them. So my comp and I were running in and out of the clinic ALL week. Finally when we both got to go home and shower and rest a bit we got a call from the Zone Leaders saying we had to go and pick up this new sister and she was going to stay with us for a couple of days So we went to the mission home to pick her up. She was so cute and SO stressed. Oh, I remember those days well - she was like a mini me. She is from Morgan. And guess what dad, she knew Scott Summers! She said it was really sad for the whole town when he died.

However once we got here all settled on the plane to Pucallpa, we get another call saying that the sister leaders from Moyobamba will be staying at our house with us for the conference. Let´s see…. Four girls and two mattresses, what are we to do… So let´s just say my comp and I were a little tried this week.

Finally Sunday rolled around and we did a Blitz with the ward to go visit less active members. It was really fun, but here´s a little side story. We went to this less active house and we started talking with XXXX. XXXX is about 50 something and works on the river shipping goods back and forth. I asked him why he hasn´t been coming to church the last couple of years and he openly told me that he had fallen into drinking beer again with his friends. He knows that he shouldn´t drink,  but he said just can´t tell his friends no. He was a really sweet man and super honest with us which was nice. But while he was telling me all this, he wasn't looking at my eyes……. he was looking at my EAR!!!! Hahahaha! Bryan! Do you remember how you would always look at my ear and it would bother me so bad!! Haha It reminded me of you. 

Love you guys. I´m glad this crazy week is over. See you all in 35 days!
Love, Hermana Price

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