Monday, January 20, 2014

The Week of Miracles!!!

The week of Miracles. J
First of all this week has been one of the best weeks of my mission. We have found so many new people to teach this week!
Miracle numero uno (number one): So my comp and I left for this appointment we had with this one family but nobody was home… It happens a lot in the mission and I’m just kind of use to it. In the mission we have to invite 100 people to attend the church every week so we just decided to walk around and invite people to church. So we took this really weird road that we’ve never walked before We thought we were pretty lost when we saw this family pulling up to their house in the little motokar and I have 9 months in the mission so I have this like family radar so I made a bee line to their house to talk to them. We invited them to church but then asked them if we could share a message with their family for about 20 minutes, they agreed so we sat ourselves down in their motokar while they sat on the ground. We started talking about baptism and before I even knew it we invited them to be baptized and before I knew it they accepted. J There’s another family in our “Banco de Familias!” (Family Bank)
Miracle number 2: So this couple we’ve been working with, Nelson and Yanela. They are all ready to get married and baptized but to get married we needed copies of their ID and they couldn’t find their ID at all they had been looking for about a week and still couldn’t find them and time was running out so we deiced to go to their house and teach them about faith and prayer so we asked them to say a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help them find their IDs so Sunday rolled around and I was pretty bummed that they haven’t found them. But when we started the Gospel Principles class Nelson pulled out his manual and guess what was stuffed in their book… Their IDs! I started to cry right in front of the whole class. Haha :P They will be getting married this Friday at 11 in the morning and then Friday will be their baptisms. J
Miracle number 3: We have this family that we’ve been trying to work with for a really long time. They have this little 8 year old girl who wants to get baptized so bad but her mom and dad would never listen to us. But the other day we decided to give it another shot. They invited us into the house but the second we sat down the parents just left the room like always and I’m not one to baptize little kids so after about 20 minutes of just talking with the little girl we were just about to leave when in walks the dad all showered and clean with a white shirt and nice pants. He pulled up a little seat and said “Ok sisters, tell me what you got to say. Now I’m ready to listen to you” I just kind of stared at him for a little bit thinking I was in a dream. Haha That day we taught the whole family and this Sundaythey all sat together in sacrament. J They don’t have a date set for baptism yet but we have an appointment with them tonight. J
I LOVE Moyobamba. It´s beautiful and the people are so nice. We’re having success and Health wise I feel SO much better. J I know Heavenly Father listens and answers prayers. J I hope you all have a good week. J LOVE YOU!!!!!
Love, Hermana Price    

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