Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey fam!
WOW! What a conference!! Was that good or what!? I LOVED the talk given by Elder Holland when he spoke about the two sister missionaries and that man who spit his food on them. 

No, I haven´t had anyone spit food at me, however I have had all sorts of people yell and argue with me. I have had a sea of people tell me I´m going to Hell and that I worship the Devil. Sometimes it is really hard for me to hold my tongue, but I loved the way Elder Holland put it - defend the church of Jesus Christ with love, but defend it. It was a wonderful talk. I also loved the talk about the Preach My Gospel manual and how every parent should study it. Seriously guys, Preach My Gospel is SUCH an inspired book as I have been in the mission and come to love this book I have often wondered why I never had read it before, or why the church doesn't teach the youth from this book until they are preparing for a mission. Preach My Gospel goes way further than mission training. This book is for EVERY kind of relationship or stage we are in life. Through Preach My Gospel, we can learn how to better teach and understand people needs and worries in life. I love this book! So I´m going to invite everyone to study Preach My Gospel.

But anyways conference was awesome. It´s always super fun watching conference with all the gringos.  Hopefully you all love conference and learned lots.

Anyways… Nothing too exciting is happening here in Moyo. We don´t have any baptisms coming up but we are finding some new families which is nice. I´m just praying that they can progress and we can set a baptism date with them.

OH! Funny quick story, so we are teaching this family who has lots of sons. The oldest is named Jorge and he is 22 years old. We always try to teach our investigators with a member so the only person suitable for this job was sister Lit. Sister Lit is 24 and a return sister missionary. She has one of the strongest personalities ever and she is single and the WHOLE world knows she really wants to get married. So we decide to ask her to visit Jorge with us - she agreed and we planned on meeting her at the church right before the appointment. We show up at the church and there is sister Lit in a tight dresses with high heels…. Oh no!….. We told her how good she looked and that she was going to steal Jorge´s heart. She giggled and whipped her hair around and told us that wasn´t her intention…. Yeah RIGHT!. Haha so we walked to Jorge´s house and his mother answers the door and invites us in. It didn´t take long for Lit to shout through the house for Jorge. He came out from the back just expecting to see us, but when he saw Lit his face was priceless. Then we started the lesson and Lit taught everything, she wouldn´t let us get a word in. haha I felt like I was a third wheel on a bad awkward date. Haha! It was SO funny. There are a lot more details but I don´t have time to write them all, but once my comp and I got back to the house we laughed and laughed and laughed. I love my mission. People are so funny sometimes.

Have a good week! The church is true! Go invite someone to church! ;)
Hermana Price! :D    

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