Monday, May 5, 2014

This Sister is Having WAY too Much Fun!!

Hey fam!
First of all it was WAY nice hearing all your voices last night! It was a surprise for me too that I was able to call. We woke up in the morning and went to church like normal. Then after lunch while we were having our additional study time Sister Rider came home and told us that we could call our families!!! I of course jumped up screaming and did a little gig. I was so happy to talk to you guys! And now I´m looking forward to talking to you guys for mother’s day. Plus it was such a surprise to hear Bryan and Elise´s news about their little baby girl!!! That´s so exciting! And it´s even cooler that by the time I get home she´ll be ready to pop! ;) I can´t wait to get to know Miles again and babysit for you guys!

But as for the missionary work here in moyobamba, it has been slowing by quite a bit. L Which is a little hard on Tenicela and I, but we´re still just trying our best. We´ve had a lot of changes in the mission lately which is kind of exciting and new. Although as a mission we didn´t do every good in the ways of baptisms in the month of April, things are starting to look up. 

Everyone is saying that transfers are going to be crazy this change and we won’t find out if we have a change or not until after internet time. Usually you can feel a change coming on, but I really have no clue whether I will be staying or going, I don´t even really know what I want. The four of us sisters have had a BLAST with our time here in Moyobamba living together, it will be hard if one of us has a change.

Today is my comp´s birthday!!! Last night we waited till she went to bed and we decorated the whole apartment with balloons and streamers and confetti then when I went to sleep too, the other sisters tapped the door off with large poster paper and we had all written on saying Happy Birthday. Then this morning Tenicela and I (my comp) went for our run and when we came back we made a big breakfast (French toast, they love when we make American food) and then we all gave her some gifts and then tonight the two of us will be going over to a members house to have a big party with all the branch members (they love birthday´s here in peru) J I´m excited. 

Things are going great and I am so happy. J Thank you for all your love and support. I pray for you all every day. J Hugs and kisses!
Love, sister Price! J

PS mom. Please tell The Walls congrats on their baby! I´ll write her a letter soon. J     

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