Monday, March 24, 2014

Burning My Skirt on Purpose!!

Hey Family!!
This week was SO much fun. J First of all this Saturday was Reninger´s baptism. J It was so beautiful. He had a little problem with his work and couldn´t come to church this Sunday and get confirmed so we just did it right after the baptism and it was really spiritual. I sang in Spanish and then in English. It was a lot of fun. J But now it´s back to square one. 

We have had troubles finding new people lately and we don´t have anything lined up for baptism for April so we´ve got to work hard to find someone. We have been teaching a couple families and they all fell through, but we´re staying positive and working hard. J

Today is cambios! (transfers) I don´t think I´m going to have a transfer or my comp or the other sisters, well I hope not. We have SO much fun together and we´re all just best friends. Like for example this Saturday night we had a “sleepover” . We all live together but we pulled out all of our mattresses and slept in the front room. We ordered pizza and made popcorn and ate ice cream (we all had belly aches in the morning, but it was worth it) 

We opened our little party with a prayer (because we are just cute like that) haha Then gave each other little gifts and burned my skirt. We threw the party for a couple of reasons:
  1. Today is transfers and we´re not sure we are going to get a change 
  2. Because Tenicela (my comp) Hna. Quispe (Rider´s comp) finished their 12 week training program which is a big deal in the mission. 
Sister Ryder now has 15 months in the mission and me - I have 1 year!!!! It was a blast! Then to finish off the night we watched the Joseph Smith movie in Spanish (we picked it because it has a little love story with Joseph and Emma) haha J

It was so much fun. J I love the sisters I live with. We all support each other and try to make each laugh when someone is down and we´ve just become a little family. J I love it here and I hope we wont have a change today but we´ll have to see. 

I love you all! I hope you are all happy and enjoying this adventure we call life. J
Love, Sister Price. J
Hugs and kisses! 

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