Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Have the Best News and it is that Christ LIVES!

How was my party that I wasn´t there for? ;) You guys are awesome I miss you guys so much. How was the tasty French dip and strawberry shortcake? Hmmmmmmm. Did Kyle help you make the shortcake? He should´ve because He makes WAY good shortcake. I know this because he made me some last year for Valentine ’s Day, not that I´m trunky or anything… ;) but yep it´s kind of crazy that I have 6 months left in the mission. Time goes by so fast. I can´t believe I´ve been in Moyobamba for 2 transfers now. So crazy. 
I´m still loving it here, but this week was a super crazy week. We´ll just call it "Elder Scott Grow week". So every morning this week we would all go to Rioja and practice our song. Then Friday we went to Tarapoto which is about a 3 hour ride and stayed the night with some of the sisters. Then Saturday we drove back up to moyobamba and then that same night had another training from Elder Grow. Then Sunday we went to Rioja again for our conference. Needless to say, it was a busy week; however, I enjoyed every minute of it! 
Elder Scott Grow is from the 70 and he is awesome. I loved listening to his training's and his wife is SO cute and friendly. I´m pretty sure they made everyone trunky because he kept talking about how much he loves his wife and she kept saying how much she loved him…. It was blissful. Haha, but just being in all those training's made me so excited to keep working! He presented all these new ideas and plans for our little branch. He was so spiritual. I feel so blessed for the chance to work along beside him and listen to his counsel.
When I went to Tarapoto this week, I got to meet all the new white girls in the mission! There are so many that I haven´t met before! They are all so cute and fun. Sister Grow took a picture of all the girls legs because of our bug bites. She got a little choked up and apologized to us which made me tear up a little too. She told us that she is sad to see us like this. 
I know my mission is a little different than most and physically it might be a little more demanding but I wouldn´t have it any other way. I love my mission with all my heart. These people have become my family and if bringing these people the gospel means getting bit by weird unknown bugs, or slipping around in the mud, or walking in the pouring rain, so be it. I have the best news and the best message to share with the people of Peru and it´s that Christ lives. I know that Christ has paid for our sins and has overcome physical death. I love the gospel is true and the church which I represent is the only church which holds the all priesthood keys. I hope everyone has an awesome week! Don’t forget to take some time to go to the temple. You guys are so blessed to have temples so close!

Love, Hermana Price J Hugs and kisses!

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