Monday, March 17, 2014

Challenge: Pray for Missionary Experiences!

Hey fam!
Alright, everyone is just keeps having babies and what not. By the time I get back the family will be so much bigger! I love it. Life is so much fun.

But anyways the work is still going great here in Moyo. This week Reninger had his 2nd interview and will be getting baptized this coming Saturday. I´m way stoked! He´s is awesome. Although he has a problem with his job. He works in a casino and from day one, he has been telling us he wants a new job because he doesn´t feel good working with that kind of crowd. Plus his hours are super weird and sometimes he will work all night and he has stomach problems because of eating during weird hours.

But anyways, for baptism our investigators have to attend church at least 2 times. Reninger had come to church one time and he had to come to church again this Sunday to make his goal for baptism this coming Saturday (I know it´s a little confusing but stay with me, I´m getting somewhere) We went Friday night to verify that he will be able to come to church this Sunday. First off he told us that, “well I have to work from 10 at night until 7 in the morning, I know I´m going to be really tired” which made us a little disappointed and we didn´t really know what to say to him, but then he said, “but if I´m at church I know God will give me energy to be there” YEAH
From seeing all the sin that goes on, sometimes I get a little sad or feel overwhelmed or lose faith that the people here in Moyobamba aren´t going to listen to me, or that they aren´t going to want to change or wont feel the spirit. However Reninger is just another testimony to me that there are people prepared for the gospel. There are people who feel the spirit and have hope for the future. My comp and I are always looking and praying for help to find those people who are prepared for the gospel.

I love this work and I challenge all of you to pray for a missionary experience this week. Something small. :)

I love all of you guys and I hope everyone is happy and enjoying life. :) Don´t forget to spend me pics of all the family stuff! I miss you guys. Hugs and kisses!!!!
Hermana Price

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