Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey fam!! This week went by SO fast for me, I can´t believe it´s P day again.  This week has been great! I´ve really felt a lot closer to my Heavenly Father this week. We still don´t have the success we would like and we´re still trying to find ways to get more support from the Ward. It´s not an easy task. :) My companion and I are still having lots of fun together but she is still SO SHY! She really does´t say much but she is such a sweet heart and she has taught me a lot. For example the other day I just wasn't feeling the best. I was tired and stressed out. I spent a lot of that morning on my knees. Then I went in the other room to finish up my study time and my companion and I started talking. She told me something her friend, who is a returned missionary, told her. She said the mission isn't supposed to be easy. If I had to sit at a dinner table with everyone in history who have “served great missions” like prophets from the bible or Nephi, or other prophets from the Book of Mormon or with people like Joseph and Emma Smith and even Christ himself, would my trials that I have here in my mission even compare? It really got me thinking. The Lord gives us trails and experiences to help us learn and to grow and even though we don´t know the reason behind the trials, our Heavenly Father does. And one day we´ll be able to look back at our life and those hard times and it will seem like a small moment in time. I love you all so much and I pray for you often. Thank you for all your love and support.
Hermana Price.

PS Sorry this letter is so short!

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